libglade and gnome help


After a post on the glade mailing list, i did not have
any valuable answer to this question :
> Is libglade able to provide my application with
> the Gnome help system ? I mean, if i put in
> /usr/share/gnome/help/<myapp>/C/topic.dat
> a file with contents :
> Manual index.html
> should my Gnome app. (reading its GUI description in
> a glade file with libglade) display a "Manual" menu item
> in the Help menu ?

Can someone tell me if libglade make use of the specific XML
tags generated when the menu is of type Help ?
(I already sent the mail to James Henstridge but he seem to be away).


  Stéphane Genaud                                    
   ICPS, Université Louis Pasteur                   
   Pôle API, Bd. S. Brant, F-67400 Illkirch        
   tel : (33)(0)390244542, 0619058113 (SFR)

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