Re: Canvas shortcomings

Lauris Kaplinski <lauris ximian com> writes:

> Right.
> Btw, in my latest DOM experimentations, I am mostly happy with following
> skeleton:
> struct _Node {
>   Base_Object base_object;
>   Node *parent;
>   Node *next;
> }
> struct _NodeClass {
>   Base_Class base_class;
>   void (* add_child) (Node *node, Node *child, Node *insertafter);
>   void (* remove_child) (Node *node, Node *child);
> }
> So you can derive new grouping objects from any non-grouping one by 
> implementing virtual methods.

This means that calls to add/remove_child can't be type checked.  The
compiler has no way of knowing whether add/remove_child is actually
implemented by the object called.  

I don't think it is a good idea to export something like that in a
Bonobo interface.  There is no problems doing in the C implementation,
of course.

Btw. is the current Bonobo_Canvas interface going to be depreceated?
It looks almost like a direct translation of gnome-canvas.h into IDL.

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