Re: why so few themes are shipped with gnome-1.4?

"John Harper" <jsh eazel com> writes:

> Owen Taylor writes:
> | - Many themes (though perhaps not crux or thinice) do bad hacks
> |   that will cause crashes and bad interactions with other themes.
> |   These are not suitable for inclusion in gtk-engines or 
> |   GNOME at all (even though gtk-engines includes one with the
> |   metal theme...)
> Crux borrows the hack from metal to make GtkRange widgets expose
> correctly. If this was fixed in GTK+ it wouldn't be necessary :-)
> (it's fixed in the HEAD branch I think)

The code in GTK+ is necessary to prevent flickering when moving
the scrollbar thumb.

It may have been removed in HEAD (I don't remember at this point) 
because the double-buffer code in GTK+ makes controlling the
drawn areas less important.

However, I believe Crux could use the features I added for
Raleigh to work correctly without having to perform invalid
(illegal!) hackery in GTK+'s class structures.


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