Re: why so few themes are shipped with gnome-1.4?

<quote who="Vlad Harchev">

>  I think there is no need to add more gtk engines - all that can be added is
> new gtk themes that use already existing engines (mostly Pixmap-based themes -
> they look nice). So, no additional code to be added - just more gtkrc's,
> pixmaps and READMEs - nothing to rot.

Ack! The pixmap themes are to a large extent horrible, and (bluntly), don't
do anything for Gnome's image as a fast, usable desktop environment.

Crux, Thinice and to a lesser extent Raleigh, are fast, good looking, light
and very usable. They have a great effect on the feeling of the user

Whilst I wouldn't strongly advocate getting rid of the pixmap engine, I
would encourage just about everything else ahead of it. Leave the mess

- Jeff

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