[PATCH to gtop] making gtop stable and gtk theme-friendly


 After applying this patch gtop becomes stable again (otherwise it will crash
if "details" and "memory map" dialogs are closed by pressing Esc, and probably
if closed using "Close" button), and makes it gtk theme-friendly
(gtk_widget_ensure_style(widget) needs to be called before
gtk_widget_get_style() - otherwise you'll get a builtin gtk style - black text
on gray - in the copy). Also after this patch global style (used by ALL
widgets - including menu) won't be altered any more after "process details"
dialog is opened first time - the following hunks fix this particular problem:
-	style = gtk_widget_get_style (l); 
+	style = gtk_style_copy(gtk_widget_get_style (l));

 This is a patch against gtop from gnome-1.4b1.

 Could it be committed?

 Best regards,

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