NLS problem

Hi everyone !

When I use the script, my intl/ isn't properly created (empty 

Basically, the intl/ dir lacks of & but that's not the 
main point. So a typical 'make' won't work properly (even the all target is not 

Someone got the same problem after upgrading to helix-gnome, and confirm me it 
has tried on a non-helix-gnome. 

Actually, the whole intl/ dir should be created by the ./ ie, it is 
copied (from somewhere in my box, probably: /usr/share/gettext/).

NLS lib (in intl/ dir) is only required when the installing box does not
have that lib. It will be built only if NLS lib could not be found, but the NLS 
source must go with the distribution. 

I looked Gnome 1.4 beta 2 and found sometime the AM_GNOME_GETTEXT macro is used 
in place of AM_GNU_GETTEXT, but not everytime, why ? This macro don't look the 
system for NLS lib to be copied in intl/, right ? Is this to avoid having intl/ 
in all sources ? should create the intl/ dir, so what's the deal ? Which macro do I 
have to use ?



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