GConf errors

I'm seeing some errors from gconf and I don't know if there normal?

>starting (version 1.0.0), pid 739 user 'louisg'
>No configuration files found, trying to use the default config source `xml:readwrite:/home/louisg/.gconf'
>Initializing XML backend module
>Removing stale lock `/home/louisg/.gconf/%gconf-xml-backend.lock' because of error pinging server: IDL:CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0
>Directory/file permissions for XML source at root /home/louisg/.gconf are: 700/600
>Failed to notify listener 3875536900, removing: IDL:CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0
>Failed to notify listener 3841982466, removing: IDL:CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0
>15 items remain in the cache after cleaning already-synced items older than 300 seconds

nautilus and evolution seam to be working fine.

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