Re: official support for more scripting languages in gnome needed

<quote who="Ben Ford">

> Yes, and that's how Visual Basic started as well . . . . .
> MS BASIC --> QBASIC --> Visual Basic -- >VBS --> "I Love You"

You're writing a bogus timeline, and equating the existence of scripting
languages with the results of shoddy security. VBS itself does not cause the
problems we see with macro viruses, it's the implementation of the scripting
host that allows access to *everything*. You can host PythonScript and
PerlScript in Windows in much the same way, and you have the same results.

The Gnome Project is not stupid enough to allow non-sandboxed script
hosting, and even then, we have the benefits of a Unix-like system
underneath to keep the system from harms way.

> And the viruses spread because it is very difficult to actually disable VB
> scripting.  (kinda like requiring perl . . .  )

Debian GNU/Linux requires Perl. You cannot operate a Debian system correctly
unless Perl is installed. Obviously, this has done horrendous damage to the
reputation of the Debian Project with regards to security, right?


- Jeff

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