GNOME at Usenix!

	Have you developed a GNOME technology or are you very familiar
	with a GNOME technology and you would like to talk to a group
	of professional developers about it?

	Here is your chance.

* Keeping track:
* Place: GNOME track at Usenix 2001, Boston MA.
* Date:  June 25 to June 30 
	 (exact days for the GNOME track will only cover 2 days)

	We are trying to put together a GNOME track for the Usenix
	conference this summer in Boston (June 25 to the 30).  This
	time is particularly good for many students that come to
	Boston for the summer break to attend, and it is one of the
	few parts of the year when Boston is really nice to be.

	The Usenix conference is like oh-my-god so-good, that this a
	perfect place to meet fellow hackers

	This conference is targeted to developers that are interested
	in contributing to GNOME rather than a user conference.

	We would have two parts: one day of tutorials (or the
	tutorials just presented alongside the traditional Usenix
	tutorials).  Tutorials can last 3 hours (split in two 90
	minute chunks) or six hours (if you have a lot of stuff to

	We are looking for something like eight to ten 30-minute
	presentations on various GNOME technologies (both under
	development and released) for the technical tracks and include
	a couple of invited talks (I am thinking that maybe we can
	bring Joel for this).

* Committee

	This is just a new project, and if you are interested in
	joining some kind of home-grown committee for putting the
	papers together, send me mail.  Right now there is no
	committee besides me (which is kind of hopeless, I will need
	some massive help here).

	Really, I could use *any* kind of help. 

* Due date for proposals

	If you are interested in making a technical presentation on
	your favorite topic or presenting a tutorial, please send me
	mail by Monday 2.  I just need a little mail saying `I would
	like to talk about XXX'.  Not much else (miguel ximian com)

* Details

	If you want to keep track of the event, check this page:

* If you are coming to Usenix

	To help me estimate how many people will attend and you are
	considering going to Usenix and drop by the GNOME track,
	please mail miguel ximian com


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