Re: Anjuta

Naba Kumar <kh_naba yahoo com> writes:

> Yotam Medini wrote:
> > > I cannot do local installation for Anjuta?
> > >
> > > A: Take my advice. Do system installation (you must be root to do
> > > that) and not local installation. Anjuta depends on Gnome for
> > > supplying pixmaps and Anjuta help works with gnome-help-browser, non
> > > of which will be happy if you do local installation.
> >
> > But on the machine I work at work - I do _not_ have root acceess.
> > Many Gnu-packeges can build themselevs given any prefix, for
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> > target installation, but still refer to more basic packages
> > installed elsewhere. May be you would like to consider such appoach.
> >
> Have you tried with any gnome packages? Gnome packages
> install the pixmaps in the dir $(datadir)/pixmaps/<package_name>
> and the help files in the dir $(datadir)/gnome/help/<package_name>.
> where, $(datadir) is the output of: gnome-cofig --datadir.
> So, if the gnome is system installed, then naturally, all the packages
> are required to put there stuffs wrt this $(datadir) which require them
> to be system installed. Otherwise, when the program is run, gnome
> wouldn't be able to find the pixmaps and the help for this application.
> I am not very clear how a gnome application can do local installation
> and put there stuffs in custom $(datadir) and still gnome could find
> these stuffs. Can anybody, help with this?

It's unfortunately not really doable with GNOME 1.[024].  I think we
wrote a better system for GNOME 2.0 at one point, though I don't know
the state of HEAD well enough to make an authoritative statement.  This
is pretty easy to fix, so it would be good to make sure that it is


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