Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: report on [bad] status of i18n of gnome apps - somebody should explicitly care about it

Not Zed wrote:
> >  Also the major limitation the Evo has - is inability to handle 8bit texts in
> > subjects in "raw" form. A lot of MUAs send subjects in raw form - but evo
> > displays underscores for chars > 127 in subject AFAIR, so please fix
> > this - that's the most fatal flaw so far that makes it unusable even if it's
> > used only for reading mails (i.e. if not caring about encodings the messages
> > are sent with Evo are in)!
> I'm sorry, but those mailers are totally broken, end of story.

Even if that were the case (I am unconvinced, but let's assume for the
sake of argument that that *is* broken behavior) it still doesn't mean
you shouldn't try to do something sensible with what they send anyway.

Consider an RFC822 MUA that doesn't do any MIME things because it
predates it.  And two people who speak the same language exchanging

The only sensible thing to do with unlabelled high-bit chars is to
display them in the recipient's default charset.  That might not be
right, but probably it is.  Certainly it's not what *anybody* wants 
or expects to have information thrown away by mapping all those
characters to underscores.

Jamie Zawinski
jwz jwz org   
jwz dnalounge com

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