ANNOUNCE: grapevine 0.1 "The flying sheep" released


Yes the moment you have all been waiting for (but didn't know it) has
arrived.  The mystical grapevine is unleashed upon the world in it's first

What is grapevine you ask?

Grapevine is a user notification system.  Programs send it notices the user
should get and grapevine takes care of getting them to the user according to
how the user wants them.  The notices should be things that are system
related, or things that are of longterm nature.  Such as a long download
finishing or perhaps cd burn being done.  Or perhaps notification of new
stories on slashdot.  Or that your harddrive is full.  Or anything of that

Grapevine abuses bonobo to do many of it's deeds.  So it will be possible (it
may be, it isn't tested) to launch custom delivery components such as
delivering certain notices to your pager or whatnot.  Possibilities are

You need pong at least 0.13, gtkhtml, bonobo, gnome-core and gnome-libs,
of course, for grapevine to compile.  It should compile without gob, but
well it may not, so it won't hurt if you install gob as well.

Q: Is this stable?

A: Hell no!

Q: Is this frozen

A: Hell no!

Q: Is this usable?

A: Hell no!

Q: Are there any docs on how to use it?

A: Are you kidding?

But perhaps programs could start thinging of how to use it and perhaps have
optional compiles that would add grapevine support.  However you shouldn't
enable grapevine by default nor truly depend on grapevine.

So to abuse bandwidth (the tarball is a whoping 400k+) go to

Have fun!

Where do 

George <jirka 5z com>
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