bad looking icons bug, help!

Hi all,

I'm getting this error messages when compile my program as a static binary (dynamic works great):

INTERNAL ERROR: Unknown child with pid 7298 exited.

as many pixmap I load.

   GtkWidget *pix =

It is caused by the above line of code.

The pixmap does not load correctly, and has a black background.

I have put the static binary at:

just copy the .png (only one needed to test it) to /usr/share/pixmaps/gcdmaster/

and run the static binary.

Any ideas of what library is causing this messages??

I've tried to debug it, but I found nothing.


Manuel Clos
llanero jazzfree com

* Si no puedes hacerlo bien, hazlo bonito (Bill Gates)
* If you can't do it well, do it nice (Bill Gates)

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