Re: I can't compile from CVS...

On 11 May 2001, Carlos [ISO-8859-1] Perelló Marín wrote:

> Hello, I have a Debian Sid sistem with the latest gettext version
> (0.10.37) and I can't compile modules from GNOME CVS.
> I get this error:
> carlos BilBo:~/build/gal/intl$ make
> make: *** No rule to make target `all-no- BUILD_INCLUDED_LIBINTL@',
> needed by `all-no'.  Stop.
> As someone has tell me it's a problem of use AM_GNOME_GETTEXT instead of
> AM_GNU_GETTEXT, but I don't know how to solve it (If we use
> AM_GNU_GETTEXT I get other error, so...)

2) run: "libtoolize --copy --force; gettextize --copy --force; aclocal -I
macros; autoconf; automake -a -c -i"
3) run "./configure".

This was discussed but seems noone in gnome devel team can't make
strategic decision about this (about remove using AM_GNOME_GETTEXT macro
in all projects) :>

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