Re: Call for volunteers

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Sander Vesik wrote:

> The gnome-2.0 release co-ordinators would like to call for volunteers to
> to step up for the following positions in the release team:
> 	* QA co-ordinator
> 	* extra-apps co-ordinator
> 	* i18n and documenation co-ordinator
> 	* PR co-ordinator
> the position titles should for the most part be self-explanatory, but
> still:
> 	* the QA co-ordinator would be responsible for co-ordinating the
> 	  testing of the betas and release candidates. He/She would also
> 	  be involved in having test and 'GO'/'NO GO' criteria for
> 	  gnome-2.0 betas, release candidates and release.
> 	* the extra apps co-ordinator would be involved with the
> 	  extra-apps - "fifth toe" - release for gnome-2.0
> 	* the i18n and documentation co-ordinator(s) would be involved
> 	  with tracking and co-ordinating the documenation and
> 	  localisation for the gnome-2.0 release

In the past, we divided this into two parts: l10n and documentation.
I'd be happy to volunteer for the documentation part again if you divide
things in the same way.  Or would you prefer to put these together for
some reason?


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