Re: patch for select in zvt

Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) Gerente de desarrollo Alpha wrote:

exactly why we should provide a system-wide option to change selection style

Dunno about that. We should be careful about what is configurable. Only use config options if we can't come up with a solution that works for everybody. Otherwise we end up with a 50MB control center!

. But the default should be "smart" because it saves time to most of the people most of the time.

How bout this: Fast drag == select word. Slow drag == select char. Vertical drag == select line.

If you have enough precision to get it right the first time, then you're gifted!

*lol*  Practice ;)


"One trend that bothers me is the glorification of
stupidity, that the media is reassuring people it's alright not to know anything. That to me is far more dangerous than a little pornography on the Internet." - Carl Sagan

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