Question about gtk_editable_select_region

Hi guys,

I have been messing around with gtk_editable_select_region() and it
doesn't do quite what I want. What I am trying to do is have a text
field which is already selected so that people can just hit the middle
mouse button and *replace* whatever is there with the clipboard

Right now if I use this function inside a GtkEntry widget, it blows away
anything that is currently stored in the clipboard. Yet if I don't use
the function and manually select the text (it is now highlighted in a
dark reverse), now go and select something else - now the first
highlighting is turned into a lighter reverse - I can then click the
middle button.

I believe the terms for these conditions are "Selected" (when mouse is
dragged over it) and "Active" (when it is still available to be replaced
by a single action).

So in those terms is there a way to say some text is "Active" but not


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