ANNOUNCE: New release of xml-i18n-tools

The xml-i18n-tools contributors are proud to announce a new release of 
xml-i18n-tools (codename "Så skeet de ilywl - de havde a slet ett regnet
mæ"), that includes more fixes and less bugs than ever before.

The release can be fetched from the following location:

* New in this release:

- Support for the new gettext 0.10.36 (Darin, Stanislav Brabec)

- Backport of changes in branches to HEAD (Darin)

- Better XML support (George)

- More tests (Darin)

- Handling of more extensions (Clahey, Laszlo, me) 

- Spec file cleanup (Arik)

- Updated documentation (Laszlo)

- Misc bugfixes (Darin, Maciej, Laszlo, me)

- New translations: hrm, this is a translation tool, why should it 
   support translation - what a concept :)

If I am missing something here, I am sorry. Write me and I will announce
it in next release.

Cheers, Kenneth

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