Re: autoheader problems (debian)

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 07:43:43AM -0400, Scott Barnes wrote:
> Actually, it's because of something screwed up in Debian unstable's
> version of m4.  

Hm, nope: stable's m4 has the same "problem" -- can it be m4 at all? I wouldn't
 think so..

> The problem is in the xml-i18n-tools aclocal file, if
> you hack aclocal.m4 and remove the xml-i18n-tools stuff, run autoheader,
> then aclocal to get back the xml-i18n-tools stuff, you'll be able to
> compile (it takes a bit of effort though :))  

Hehe, right, it works then. Thanks..

> Believe me, I spent 15
> minutes figuring that out so I could compile nautilus-gtkhtml :)

Hehue, /me took more time to argue with all my auto* updates today morning .-)
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