Re: Help with autoconf/automake from example - please?

Robin Cull wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get my and files for a package to
> compile under GNOME right using the example in the GTK+/GNOME Application
> Development book.  When I run my I get moaned at by automake and
> configure.  I get these messages:
> Automake:
> : variable GNOMEUI_LIBS not defined
> : variable GNOME_LIBDIR not defined
> configure:
> ./configure: GNOME_INIT: command not found
> ./configure: GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS: command not found
Can you be a bit more specific about the commands you run ,
and in which turn.
After having set up your and,
do you run :
3)automake -a
4) autoheader ?

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   ICPS, Université Louis Pasteur                   
   Pôle API, Bd. S. Brant, F-67400 Illkirch        
   tel : (33)(0)390244542, 0619058113 (SFR)

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