Re: MDI annoyance

Dale Wright wrote:
> Anyone worked with GnomeMDI and managed to get rid of the focus square
> around the label on the tab when you change tabs? It's annoying the heck
> out of me.

While you are changing tabs, you need the square to show the focus to
the user. I guess you want to remove the sqare after the tab is
You just need to give focus to another widget. 

> I have tried using a custom change_label_func and returning a hbox instead
> of a label, and using GTK_WIDGET_UNSET_FLAGS(widget, GTK_CAN_FOCUS) on the
> hbox (and the label just for good measure) but it still doesnt solve the
> problem.

GTK_WIDGET_UNSET_FLAGS will just change the flags in the widget, it will
in fact just change a bit in memory and do nothing else. Seems like what
you want is to give the focus to another widget. Use
For a reference which uses GnomeMDI see cvs/gedit/src/view.c function 


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