Re: Cut/Copy/Paste Menu Selections

> Thanks for the tips guys. Frankly I think I'll just use whether there is
> something there and not care about the contents. I guess I was a bit
> surprised about having to resort to a bare X call - I expected to be
> cocooned by gnome & gtk!

Following on from this thread I ended up doing it via the X call.
However I found another gdk routine that *almost* did what I needed:
gdk_selection_owner_get(), however it returns NULL not only when there
is no owner (nothing in the clipboard), but also when it is owned by a
non gdk process, so was no use.

Since all I care about is if there is anything there, not trying to
actually work out what is on the other end. I am wondering if there
would be any point in creating a new gdk function called, say,
gdk_selection_is_owned(). What is the procedure for creating a new
library function such as this? Who do I need to persuade? Is this the
right forum.

On a related, but different, subject. Having now finished all the
Cut/Copy/Paste stuff, I am wondering if there really should be a widget
or at least some easy way to perform it (and handle all the
sensitivities). I felt like I was reinventing the wheel. I notice few
other gnome apps bother with fixing the sensitivity. Again is the right
place to talk about it?


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