Re: latest gnome-applets gone?

On 29 May 2001, jacob berkman wrote:

> > It's gnome applets that is there. Is it the latest? gnome-core is
> > up to and they usually comes in pair, but it does not have to be
> > like that of course.
> they haven't been coming out together, since it's mostly been just
> small bugfix releases in gnome-core.

By the way, gnome-core is broken. In desk-guide there is a lot of
functions copied in from gdk into the source (and some really small
changes made to them), and since these functions is not static they are
exported and when you try to link it conflicts with the real functions in

See file applets/desk-guide/gwmthumbnail.c where functions such as
gdk_window_get_colormap are.


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