GDM and alternate authentication methods

The subject came up a while ago of adding voice authentication to GDM. It was decided that GDM needed to be patched.

I have a different suggestion. Keep in mind that I have not looked at the GDM code, so I have no way of knowing whether my proposal will be straightforward or a total rewrite.

I propose that we make GDM modular, in a sense, it can be the graphical equivilant of PAM. We shouldn't *replace* PAM, that should still do the core authentication. This is only for the graphical representation of the user/pass challenges or their equivilants (voice ID, retina print, thumbprint, DNA sample, etc).

What do you guys think of this? I don't think it's been done for Linux yet, and that is one thing that keeps Linux off corporate desktops. My CEO would use a Linux desktop if his thumb scanner would work on it.


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