Re: a request!!!!

Yes.  It is possible.  I infer you are trying to create program GROUPS.

It\'s easy.  Create a folder for each group.  Then go to properties for each 
folder and change the icon to some image on your hard disk.  You can choose any 
type of image.

Then open each folder and create program shortcuts (.desktop files).  Change 
the icons for each of the program shortcuts to the desired ones, using the same 
procedure explained above.

If you want this to apply to all new users, copy the Desktop folder 
to /etc/skel while logged on as root. New users will automatically acquire the 
Desktop folder.  Old users, you can copy by hand or you can use a shell 
expression to copy the Desktop folder into each user\'s home directory and then 
change its ownership to that particular user.

That\'s it.

Quoting Abhishek Pandey <abhishek hclhpstp stpn soft net>:

> > Hi all,
> > i am newbie to gnome environment. I have a requirement to develop a
> > desktop with images on it. 
> > On clicking the images submenu shud appear and on selection a
> particular
> > application will run. (just like an HTML page).
> > Rest of the features (like panel , launcher etc) are wanted as same.
> > 
> > Can anyone pls tell me how to make it possible??? what components of
> the
> > gnome i have to explore or hack. Is it possible through configuration
> or i
> > have to write a code altogether!!!!!
> > 
> > thanks in advance,
> > 
> > abhishek
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