Re: [Freetype] Source of public domain fonts?

Well I tried it and I guess the answer is no.  It's not just
a renamed .ttf font.  Does anybody know the format of
a .dfont file on Mac OS X?  I'll ask on the FreeType list
too, as somebody there may know as well.

Wait just a sec here!  I *started* this message on the FreeType
list.  How'd it get onto the gnome list?  Did Leonard CC it
there or did I?  If you're getting this reply on the gnome-devl-list,
accept this as an apology for my previous off-topic message
and ignore it.

> Ah!  Sure enough.  If I get info on one of the .dfont files it
> says it's a data fork TrueType font.  I wonder if I can just 
> open them with FreeType.  I will be trying this today.
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>   From: Leonard Rosenthol 
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>   Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 5:32 PM
>   Subject: Re: [Freetype] Source of public domain fonts?
>   At 01:35 PM 11/6/2001 -0600, Dave Williss wrote:
>     Same on the Mac (Mac OS 9.X
>     anyway.  I have yet to determine where they are on Mac OS X and
>     if they have TrueType or what).
>           Mac OS X supports a number of different font formats including:
>   Type 1 
>           Mac-centric resource fork based
>   TrueType
>           Mac-centric resource fork based)
>           Mac-centric data fork based)
>           X-Platform .ttf format
>   OpenType
>           X-Platform .otf format
>   Mac Bitmaps
>           (only supported in Classic)
>   Leonard
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