Re: API freeze for GNOME 2

On 13Nov2001 06:06PM (-0500), jacob berkman wrote:
> On Tue, 2001-11-13 at 17:51, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > 
> > The GNOME 2.0 API freeze is on. The board has asked the release team
> > to be more fascist about enforcing the freeze.
> > 
> > Therefore we would like all GNOME 2 API changes to be run by the
> > release team.
> > 
> > No API changes should happen at this point without the release team
> > knowing about them first.
> i assume this does not include glib / pango / atk / gtk+.
> am i incorrect?

My understanding was that the board did not intend such an
exception. Owen and Havoc were there and did not say anything about
it. In fact, they said Gtk+ and affiliated libraries were essentially
frozen except for one change that was partially done in cvs.

 - Maciej

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