Re: API freeze for GNOME 2

On 13 Nov 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Regards,
>                                         Owen
> (*) Possible changes with downstream implications are:
>  - Making GtkButton a NO_WINDOW widget. Theoretically not 
>    an API change, but has effects on people using a GtkButton
>    in creative/hackish ways.
>  - Propagating keystrokes up the widget heirarchy from the
>    focus widget instead of just sending them to the widget.
>  - Fine tuning the AccelGroup changes that were just checked in.
>  - Not installing random marshallers from gtkmarshal.h. If you
>    are using marshallers you need to generate them with
>    glib-genmarshal, and we should enforce that.

also worth noting:

 - change typedef guint GType; to typedef gsize GType;

though this has _theoretically_ no API impact, because people should
be using GType or at least GtkType in all of their type ID code already,
in practice there's unfortunately quite some code out there that
assumes GType is a guint.


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