Re: API freezing ...

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> API additions (and even changes) are still allowed, they just need to
> be approved by the release team in advance. They will approve truly
> essential patches, e.g. accessibility stuff since working
> accessibility is a release requirement.
speaking of which, I just committed an ATK API addition (I hadn't
realized we needed to post additions for approval).

It adds two methods to AtkUtil, which AFAIK nobody uses but other Gnome
Accessibility projects.

But we will try to play by the rules and post significant API additions
to ATK to gnome-2-0-list first, unless you give us some blanket
dispensation for additions until a particular date.

at-spi is another matter, I don't think it's practical to review all the
additions to that API at this time, though I agree that as we get closer
to 2.0 release 1 we will want to stabilize there also.

(If we start writing general purpose scripting engines on top of it then
of course the rules change :-) but I sort of expect that to be post-2.0)



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