Re: API freeze for GNOME 2

Hi Owen,

On 14 Nov 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

> By 2.2,  I meant "post-2.0 release with API additions and binary
> compatibility".
> I don't know of any post-2.0 version number plans in for GNOME
> at this point. For GTK+, what I want to do is:
>  2.0
>  2.0.x  Bug fixes
>  2.2    Source/binary compatible release with multihead support, other
>         API additions
>  2.4?   Another source/binary compatible release
>  2.6?
>  3.0:   Source/binary incompatible release in the hazy future
> Haven't completely gotten Tim to agree with me yet on this versioning
> scheme, but we are going to be restricting ourselves to source/binary
> compatible additions for the mid-term future in any case.

	That's great - really :-) At least this has been thought out
for gtk+.

	No, how about the rest of gnome? Is there a possibility that
this could be agreed on as a general, hazy plan for the gnome desktop
as a whole?


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