Re: API freeze for GNOME 2

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> Mark,
> Our previous long-term roadmap for GNOME was:
> 1.4.1 - Bug fix and UI polish follow-on to 1.4 (still not out,
>         whatever happened to it?)
> 2.0   - New major release, breaks source and binary compatibility with
>         1.x
> 2.0.1 - Bug fix follow-on to 2.0 (hopefully a quick-turn, 3-4 months or so)

I guess this will instead be a release with hopefully at least a portion
(expecting all of them will probably not work out) of the larger non-core
programs ported. 

> 2.2   - Source and binary compatible with 2.0, will include compatible API
>         changes, new feautures & usability improvements. 

I personally believe gnome needs a more consistent and frequent release
cycle (everybody is welcome to look back in the gnome-2-0-list archives
for quite a bit of discuyssion on this). As a gnome 2.2 that would contain
gtk+ 2.2 and all the other nice things people are having pipedreams about
is unlikely to happen before fall 2003 at the very earliest, there should
probably be ~ 4 releases inbetween (this is an incremental release roughly
every 6 months)

> 2.2.1 - Bug fix follow-on to 2.2 (hopefully even more of a quick-turn
>         than 2.0.1)

large part sof gnome are by this time hopefully in stable maintenance mode
so the next one has any chance opf happening (remember - it is
increasingly boring for people to jump through stupid hoops and port).

> 3.0   - New major release, breaks source and binary compatibility with 2.x


>  - Maciej


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	-- Brian Behlendorf

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