Re: Marshalers [was Re: API freezing ...]

Hi Owen,

        Sorry for doubting you :-)

On 15 Nov 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:
> The gtk-devel-list list mails I sent on this go into detail but
> essentially:

        This is good to know - several gnome 2.0 modules install their    
marshalers currently - and other modules use them; I imagine we should fix
that and try to push any particularly useful ones into glib ASAP before   
the freeze very shortly ?

        So - permission from the release team to commit the API breakage
of removing the installation of these marshallers - because they're a

>  * I don't think it is doing anybody favors to have a _random_
>    set of marshalers exported by GTK+. If you need custom
>    marshalers, you shouldn't have to think about what library
>    you depend on might already need that marshaler.

	Sure - and it always worried me slightly as to what order the
#define aliases of duplicates appeared in vs. the actual symbol of the
base implementation.

> The real fix here would be to depend on a libffi equivalent and
> allow NULL for marshalers; except for a few things like
> GObject::notify, GtkObject::destroy, I doubt the speed difference
> would matter at all. Something for some day in the future...

	Would be great - of course; it'd be nice if we moved to a
unified way of solving this problem across the ORB and glib ( and the
whole world etc. ). When Mono provides us with a nice abstract jit
object - the world ( esp. of spreadsheet formula re-computation ) gets
just that much more exciting :-)



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