bug in gtop display and NR_TASKS limit

     Subject : 1024 limit on NR_TASKS

     Why is the maximum number of tasks displayed by gtop limited to
NR_TASKS=1024 in dummy.h? I have a pthread application which creates 8000
threads. I am creating these threads using the volano test program at
http:www.volano.com/linuxnotes.html. But gtop displays only 1024 tasks .

     I modified the NR_TASKS in /gtop-1.0.11/dummy.h file to 8188( which is
the resource limit on 2.4.5 kernel in my linux system ) and ran the volano
test program. But I see that the GTOP display becomes very poor for number
of tasks greater than 1500. The Scroll bar does not appear correctly and
switching between different tabs like processes(all), Memory
Usage(resident) becomes almost impossible.
     Is this a display limitation of gtop? Why does gtop perform very poor
as the number of tasks increases?


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