Re: gnome canvas questions


On Sun, 2001-10-14 at 10:30, Ole Laursen wrote:
> >            and (2) as a trigger of a the idle handler of the
> >            canvas by the glib main loop... i.e., from the
> >            "idle_handler".
> > 
> >            I was wondering if there was a way to turn #2
> >            off???
> I haven't tried this, but perhaps gtk_layout_freeze will do? See 

I tried it, but it doesn't seem to work.

I tested it by calling "gtk_layout_freeze", but NOT calling
"gnome_canvas_update_now".  If it worked (and I understood it
correctly) then there should be absolutely no updating taking place.
(The original stuff on the canvas should remain unchanged.)
However, the canvas just keeps on updating.  I wonder if it is
a bug?

Do you, or anyone else, know of any other method of stopping
the canvas from redrawing???

The double buffering, of the gnome canvas, seem kinda useless
if you can't control when it updates.  (Unless you are doing
really trivial things.)


     Charles Iliya Krempeaux

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