Re: Graphical 'su' utility for GNOME

Chema Celorio <chema ximian com> writes:
> > Will programs like the panel be integrated with xst-su?
> > It would be nice if I can run programs as root just by
> > right-clicking on a menu item, or by using the Run dialog,
> > and enter a password.
> xst-su can be called by any program. It is up to the app to use it or
> not. We will probably rename it to de-XTS-ify it.

Whatever we do here, please keep in mind that at least two major GNOME
platforms (Red Hat and Solaris) will likely need to strip out cheesy
su programs, since we use PAM instead. (I'm not sure if Solaris has
the consolehelper-type functionality though.)

Anyway, ideally there is one central config setting where the su app
can be removed or replaced.


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