template source tree


I've been writing a gnome panel applet and now it's 
almost finished, I'd like to put it in a proper
source tree with a .configure script etc. Now, I had
a look at the source trees of some other applets, but
I can't really figure out what files I need to fill in,
and what files are generated.

I did have a look at the source tree that is generated
by glade for a new project. This generates a few files
which seem to be the files I need. However, when I
put my applet sources in there, the applet libraries
don't seem to be included for some reason. I did put 
an entry like this in the Makefile.am file:


But in the Makefile that is generated on calling 
autogen.sh, the last argument does not seem to be filled in:


after the = sign, it's empty. Does anyone know
how I could make this work?

best regards 


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