Re: gmc won't run under Solaris 2.6

Hi, Emil!

> > > GTK+ and GLIB are 1.2.10 and the text-version is running nicely, but
> > > gmc does not start. Other GTK-Applications (etherape, ethereal...) are
> > > running nicely. Can you help me?
> >
> > Please give more information - version of gmc, version of GNOME, the
> > processor type (i386 or SPARC) and whatever else you find significant.

> qedemob sun352:11:~ 1$ gnome-config --version
> gnome-libs 1.2.8

Well, it crashes in the GNOME libraries, not in MC.

> > > GnomeUI-ERROR **: file gnome-icon-item.c: line 304
> > >   (get_default_font): assertion failed: (default_font != NULL)
> > > aborting...
> > > Abort (core dumped)

I looked into libgnomeui/gnome-icon-item.c (tag GNOME_LIBS_1_2_8) and it
defines DEFAULT_FONT_NAME as following:

"-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--*-100-*-*-*-*-*-*," \

This is too restrictive, I think, especially "abobe" and "100".  For some
reason this fontset cannot be loaded in your Solaris XServer.

What is worse, it is considered bad enough to abort.  Good programs should
try "fixed" font before doing that, I believe.  This code from
libgnomeui/gnome-icon-item.c must be wrong:

static GdkFont *
get_default_font (void)
        if (!default_font) {
                /* FIXME: this is never unref-ed */
                default_font = gdk_fontset_load (DEFAULT_FONT_NAME);
                g_assert (default_font != NULL);

        return gdk_font_ref (default_font);

This is not fixed on the gnome-libs-1-0 branch (strangely, 1.2.x releases
of libgnomeui are on that branch).  I couldn't find corresponding code in
the head branch of libgnomeui.

I'm forwarding this message to gnome-devel-list gnome org - I hope it's
the right place to discuss this problem.

Pavel Roskin

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