Re: Applets

On 6 Sep 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> "Sergey V. Udaltsov" <sergey oudaltsov clients ie> writes:
> > Just one question to gnome-core-developers:
> > 
> > When panel/applets will be compatible with GConf (i.e. get rid of
> > GNORBA)? This question is in the air for about a year...
> > Is there any chance to get this by GNOME 2.0?
> > 
> The answer has always been "when we can break the applet API and use
> OAF instead of GNORBA," i.e. when GNOME 2 is released.

Surely moving to having applets use gconf needs to happen before gnome2 is
released? How would we other have panel and applets in gnome2?

So hopefully the answer is 'soon, when the people porting to gnome2 get to
panel and applets'.

> Havoc


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