Re: Diet of bugs: the 30-30-30 plan

On 10 Sep 2001, Dan Siemon wrote:

> Could you please summarize what the rules are? Do we consolidate
> duplicates? If it "works for us" what do we do? What about bugs reported
> in really old versions?
> Sorry to blabber but the last thing I want to do is close bug entries
> that someone needs.

I'm glad you asked - that's a very real concern. So far, I have found that
the biggest problem is bug reports that are requests for tech support,
incomplete, or irrelevant (e.g. xmms bug reports that come from
bug-buddy). My sampling was probably not representative of the whole -
other problems may be more prevelant in other categories.

The most important thing in a bug report is information on how to
reproduce the symptoms. If you're pretty sure that the information in the
report is not going to allow this, it can be closed.

Another thing that is sometimes necessary is reassigning a bug to a
different category - e.g. someone filed a bug in gnome-core about the file
manager. Just change the category and choose "Assign this bug to the owner 
of the selected component".

And if you're not 100% sure what to do, you can always check with the 
mailing list or IRC channel.

Let me know what I didn't clear up,
-- Elliot

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