Havoc Pennington and GConf (GNOME 2.0 Status Interviews)

Hi gang,

The second interview in the GNOME 2.0 Status series is up. Hopefully they'll
be a little more regular after this one. You'll find the rest of the series
here: http://perkypants.org/projects/gnome-2.0-interviews/

  Havoc Pennington and GConf

  Havoc has been a GNOME hacker for a loooong time, with far too many
  outstanding hacks to his name. He wrote GTK+/GNOME Application
  Development, which is still widely regarded as the beginner GNOME hacker's
  bible, and chairs the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. Havoc currently
  works at Red Hat, and very infrequently posts updates to the RHAD Labs
  news page.

  GConf first appeared in GNOME 1.4, used by applications such as Nautlius
  and Galeon. It will be utilised across the entire GNOME 2.0 platform.

  URL: http://perkypants.org/projects/gnome-2.0-interviews/gconf/


- Jeff

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