Re: How to detect if gnome is running

Ben Campbell <ben campbell ntlworld com> writes:
> Is there any good way to detect if the user is currently running a Gnome 
> desktop?

People can do things like mix-and-match hunks of GNOME and KDE, so
it's not really possible, no. Your only real option is to try and
detect some specific GNOME program - the panel maybe?
But however you do that will be a scary hack.

A scary hack to check for kdesktop is attached, you could look for any
other toplevel window in the same way. It's pretty darn broken though,
so I would be reluctant to put it in an app if you can think of any
better UI.


static gboolean
look_for_kdesktop_recursive (Window xwindow)
	Window ignored1, ignored2;
	Window *children;
	unsigned int n_children;
	unsigned int i;
	gboolean retval;
	/* If WM_STATE is set, this is a managed client, so look
	 * for the class hint and end recursion. Otherwise,
	 * this is probably just a WM frame, so keep recursing.
	if (has_wm_state (xwindow)) {      
		XClassHint ch;
		gdk_error_trap_push ();
		ch.res_name = NULL;
		ch.res_class = NULL;
		XGetClassHint (gdk_display, xwindow, &ch);
		gdk_error_trap_pop ();
		if (ch.res_name)
			XFree (ch.res_name);
		if (ch.res_class) {
			if (strcmp (ch.res_class, "kdesktop") == 0) {
				XFree (ch.res_class);
				return TRUE;
				XFree (ch.res_class);

		return FALSE;
	retval = FALSE;
	gdk_error_trap_push ();
	XQueryTree (gdk_display,
		    &ignored1, &ignored2, &children, &n_children);

	if (gdk_error_trap_pop ()) {
		return FALSE;

	i = 0;
	while (i < n_children) {
		if (look_for_kdesktop_recursive (children[i])) {
			retval = TRUE;
	if (children)
		XFree (children);

	return retval;

static gboolean
check_for_kdesktop (void)
	/* FIXME this is a pretty lame hack, should be replaced
	 * eventually with e.g. a requirement that desktop managers
	 * support a manager selection, ICCCM sec 2.8

	return look_for_kdesktop_recursive (GDK_ROOT_WINDOW ());

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