Request for comments: launchurl

I've written a little utility to try to determine the users 'preferred' web 
browser and to open a url with it.

If it thinks a Gnome desktop is running, it'll try to call gnome_url_show().
If it thinks a KDE desktop is running it'll try invoking kfmclient.
Failing that, it tries the BROWSER environment variable.
As a last resort, it runs through a hardcoded list of browsers and uses the 
first one it finds.

Seems to work OK on my machine, but it's a pretty diverse world out there, so 
I'm after some feedback and comments on it. Particuarly in relation to the 
gnome stuff in it, which is a bit ropey. 

You can grab it (C source + i386 binary) from:

The gnome code is in the file try_gnome.c

ben campbell ntlworld com

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