Re: Regarding multiscreen awareness of Gnome-applications

On Wed, 2002-04-03 at 23:00, Mayur wrote:
> Hello All,
>         Gnome-applications do not appear to be multiscreen-aware.
>         Some applications like "gnome-stones" or "gnome-calculator"
>         show up on DISPLAY=:0.0. But, on DISPLAY=:0.1, gnome-calculator
>         gave the following error :

if gnome-calculator is *only* being run on DISPLAY 0.1, then this isn't
a multiscreen issue, is it?

multiscreen problems would only be if the app is connected to both
displays, right?

and you need to run it under a debugger (run with --sync) to find out
why it's gettind a BadValue error.

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