Re: zvtterm compliant with vttest

tir, 2002-04-23 kl. 03:19 skrev Cristiano De Michele:
> Hi Kjartan,
> I have just finished the work on zvt widget, now
> (as you can see checking out my MultiGnomeTerminal from
> CVS sourceforge repository and running vttest) zvt widget
> now fully (hope ;-)emulates a VT220/VT100/VT52/xterm terminal 
> Actually it lacks support for VT420 and wide characters though
> :( but I hope I'll add it soon.
> About committing my patches I have write access to GNOME repository but
> let me know what way you prefer for
> adding them,
> 						regards 
> 						Cristiano

Well. Miguel is the maintainer of gnome-libs, but I think Michael
Zucchi, maybe Havoc and a few others are the only ones beside you who
actually know the code, so maybe post it here for discussion? And if it
looks sane to whoever wants to or are able to comment you can just go
ahead and commit it to the gnome-libs-1-0 branch.

Thanks a bunch for this work.


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