Re: zvtterm compliant with vttest

WOO! you deserve at least a trailer full of your favourite beverage for
this! 8-)

On 23 Apr 2002, Cristiano De Michele wrote:

> Hi Kjartan,
> I have just finished the work on zvt widget, now
> (as you can see checking out my MultiGnomeTerminal from
> CVS sourceforge repository and running vttest) zvt widget
> now fully (hope ;-)emulates a VT220/VT100/VT52/xterm terminal 
> Actually it lacks support for VT420 and wide characters though
> :( but I hope I'll add it soon.
> About committing my patches I have write access to GNOME repository but
> let me know what way you prefer for
> adding them,
> 						regards 
> 						Cristiano

> -- 
>   Cristiano De Michele,
>   Department of Physics,
>   University "Federico II" of Naples


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