[Not-exatly-an-announcement] New Gnome Disk Free


I spent the last couple of evenings to write a small gnome disk free
utility and here is the result:

Gnome Disk Free utility is a front end implementation for unix df
command and shows nice graphs. This is a gnome2 application.



I was once working on freeing my hard disk to make some room for a
couple of apps and needed a way to monitor the drive as I go on deleting
the files. I ended up running df every 2 mins (I didn't somehow like the
old dial-based gnome disk free utility and I was feeling shy to run Kde
disk free utility). So, I swore I will write one for gnome2. 

Well, it's a very small project, but I would like to know if it can go
in gnome-utils(2) -- basically, because I consider it to be a very handy
application and also the project will get a home in the cvs (creating a
brand new module for this tiny app doesn't sound very exiting, either).

So, please comment on this. Looking forward for the discussion.


He who knows others is wise.
He who knows himself is enlightened.
		-- Lao Tsu

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