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Application registry files are parsed in this order:

Settings from this file can be overwritten by other *.application files in 
/opt/gnome-2.0/share/application-registry.  They are probably parsed in 
directory order, but this may not be guaranteed.

Mime and key files are parsed in this order:
First read /opt/gnome-2.0/share/mime-info/gnome-vfs.mime
Then read /opt/gnome-2.0/share/mime-info/*.mime  
Then read $HOME/.gnome/mime-info/user.mime

gnome-vfs is supposed to allow the user to easily change the default application 
to another registerd application (which must be in your $PATH) by right-clicking 
the file.  This should change the $HOME/.gnome-mime-info/user.keys file but not 
modify the system defaults.  This part of GNOME 2.0 vfs is not yet complete.

>Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 09:26:21 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Jack Howarth <howarth bromo med uc edu>
>To: gnome-devel-list gnome org, Brian Nitz sun com
>Subject: Re: mimetypes and programs
>   Thanks for the pointer. I'll try default_application_id change
>to molmol.keys tonight and hopefully I can delete the 
>molmol.applications file from /usr/share/application-registry. 
>One other question. I am actually making debian packaging for
>two different programs both of which operate on .pdb files
>as their default file format. I noticed that I can apparently
>have multiple .keys/.mime files which operate on the same
>mime-type but it appears that the first one parsed becomes
>the operational one? Is this correct? I am wondering if this
>is cleaned up at all in Gnome 2.0 such that one can have multiple
>programs which operate on the same data file type (e.g. .pdb)
>and have Gnome set up to present the user with a choice of applications
>to launch when you double-click on an icon of a .pdb file. I guess
>the default should be some pre-selected program but it might be
>nice if nautilus had a particular key-combo that when held down
>during a double click on an icon would present you with a launcher
>menu of applications that are installed that all advertise that 
>they support the data format of that file. I such a thing alreay in
>gnome and I'm missing it?
>                   Jack

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