Re: gnome and GDK_USE_XFT

Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru> writes:

> On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > I wrote the code to be able to handle mixed core and Xft fonts at one
> > point, but decided it was a bad idea before ever turning it on.... all
> > the awfulness of the core X font API would appear and contaminate the
> > nice Xft environment. (Look at how confusing Qt font dialogs are by
> > default, and you'll see what I mean).
>  Just curious - do you have that code somewhere available?

Well, you can look at old versions of Pango and see how it handled 
multiple PangoFontmap per PangoContext. But it isn't something
that really can be restored to functionality ... the fact that
there is now only one PangoFontmap per PangoContext is partially
exposed in the API.


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