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On kernel 2.4 the VM is a killer when there is no more memory... It will
kill a process to free up some space. The question is that it should do it
only when there is no more memory. However nobody in the linux community
(except the author of the VM) knows how the VM decide to kill such and such
application and when. Therefore it is important to check in your log that it
is not the kernel VM which decide to kill processess...

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On Sun, 2002-08-18 at 20:48, hobbit aloss ukuu org uk wrote:
> > if it goes in critic conditions and swap around (on worst case for many
> > minutes) but should not fail. only if the ram really exceeds then it
> > should crash or exit correctly.
> This isn't the Linux kernel messing around, is it? Are there
> any messages in dmesg about "out of memory"? 
> Just a shot in the dark, having met it once.

yes there are a couple of messages.... BUT....

let's say i start an application in an environment that has enough
memory, that app usually get setarted and fills it's startaddress and
endaddress in the memorylist. it also allocates other memory for it's
workstuff and datastuff..

with other words everything of this has been done already. so all this
memory is already addressed as 'beeing in use' so the kernel should have
no reason to kill the app only because of beeing out of memory (where i
recall that there is still 100mb free spread over physical and swap
memory). so the only reason for the kernel to kill the app is that
nautilus or the other apps are allocating memory or doing some strange
background activity for no reasons.

an app that runs, runns until it crashes or the machine fails for other
reasons. but it should not crash after it has allocated all memory and
is doing nothing in the background.

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