ANNOUNCING: A new way to mangle your RPM database!

Hi everybody,

If the subject line hasn't scared you off, you may like to check out
my Gnome 2 RPM building scripts at

I guess this is still for DEVELOPERS ONLY.

Just download the Gnome source tarballs, or tarballs generated from a
CVS checkout, together with the patches on my page (some of the
RPM specfiles are absent or buggy) and start building!

Be warned that even if you set your prefix to something other
than /usr, some of your existing files may be overwritten.
There are three cases:
(1) The spec file uses the builtin macro %_prefix - this is OK,
    since the installation script for gnome-rpm-tools inserts
    a line to set this in your .rpmmacros file.
(2) The spec file is generated by ./configure from *,
    and uses prefix= prefix@ - this is OK, because makegnome
    passes your desired prefix to ./configure.
(3) Some of the spec files have prefix=/usr hardcoded. There
    may be good reason for this, but if so your existing package
    will probably be overwritten by an RPM update or a
    forced installation using --replacefiles - you have been

These caveats aside, there are good reasons to use a package
manager like RPM for your bleeding edge Gnome work - you can see
exactly what you have installed, and uninstall cleanly if (when)
you find it doesn't work.

Peter Wainwright
       Home:                           Work:
Email: prw wainpr demon co uk          peter wainwright nrpb org
Fax:   +44-870-0523185                 +44-1235-822656

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